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Are you one of those people who simply can not find enough craft projects to keep you busy? Do you spend hours scouring the Internet in search of your next big project to use up the growing mass of materials that you have collected? If so you know there are literally tons of websites out there devoted to crafts. However, did you also know that eHow is a great source for locating a variety of craft projects with detailed step-by-step instructions? When I think of eHow, I think of DIY projects and general topics such as 'How to look like a star on a $10 budget'  or 'How to grow a green garden',  but a recent Google search for craft projects turned up quite a few great ideas on this practical site.
If you are looking for an attractive way to add a personal touch to your gift wrap, you may want to check out these roses made from ribbon which are not only a great craft project in themselves, but will make adorable floral accents for other craft projects. Dressing up an old lampshade could be easily achieved by hot gluing a single row of of the ribbon buds around the top and another around the bottom of the shade. These little roses are ideal for a number of vintage and country crafts.
Perhaps like me you have some old, scratched up CD's; ones that you don't or can't listen to but can't bear to just toss into the rubbish heap yet you have no idea what to do with them. THere are several nifty ideas on eHow. Make some snazzy new coasters for your media room. Or how about a Disco Ball??  Or Christmas ornaments?  You could also just take the basic ideas and then apply them to other craft projects.  As a jeweler, I am now intruiged by the idea of using CD's in my jewelry.  Hmmm.  Watch this space!
Those of you who are fond of herbs will love the variety of projects on eHow that center around herbs. Learn how to create a dried herbal wreath, woven herb baskets, herbal salts and sugars and so much more. (oo, crafts and cooking; my two favorite things!) There are so many beautiful, interesting, healthy and need I say, delicious things to do with herbs. Even if you are not all that knowledgeable about herbs, you can find a lot of simple and useful projects to get your feet wet with. Acquiring the herbs you will need to complete the projects is fairly inexpensive and as easy as googling "dry herbs" if you can't find them in a garden center nearby.
So the next time you are looking for a way to use up a specific item,  or just cruising for your next craft fix,  try looking oneHow for some ideas.  You might be surprised by some of the creativity you find there.
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