The Best Fall Craft Finds

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Fall crafting is my favorite crafting time of the year! Spooky stuff is my jam and I'm here for all of the bats, pumpkins, cauldrons and more. Yes, I like the scary stuff, too, but the lighter decor that's just spooky is the BEST. Apothecary jars? Witchy signs? YES, please! Of course I love to customize it. Last year I glued some fun little apothecary signs to my kitchen cabinet doors, and my favorite project is probably the mirror in my office that I painted and covered with rubber snakes (also painted).

If there's one store that's usually best for Halloween supplies and decor, it's Michael's. They always have a good variety and fantastic deals and sales. JoAnn's is next, especially if fabric is your game. We bought some gorgeous Halloween fabric to re-upholster our couch there for a huge discount and and it worked out really well.

Where have you seen good Halloween and fall deals so far? Who has great craft project supplies and who has fantastic decor? Share those and the deals you find in the chat! 

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Bats Make A Quick Yet Dramatic Impact

Cover your walls with them!

As a lifetime lover of all things Halloween, I have played with many crafts, trying to make my home extra spooky without spending much. And while that line of thinking might not land you with a bunch of life-size skeletons climbing your house (or maybe it will, with enough papier mache and plastic wrap!), it can still yield some pretty breathtaking results!

One of the best dramatic Halloween crafts I've ever done is just make a ton of little bat silhouettes. You can buy them already punched like this (think classroom papercraft size) but making your own allows you to make them in different shapes and sizes. Then you place them in formations on your wall, door or window to look like they're all flying together in one direction! It's such a cool effect with so little money spent. It does take time, of course.

What are your favorite bat or dramatic effect Halloween crafts to make? Share them in the chat.

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September Craft Ideas

What are you making?

September is one of the best months for craft-making! You can focus on the change of the seasons, back-to-school themes or any upcoming holiday seasonal theme you like. Feel like making Christmas crafts? No sweat. Halloween is a given! It's also one of the best times of the year to make crafts from things you find, from apple stamping to wreath making.

It's simple to find all kinds of apple, fox and other fall-themed craft ideas this time of year, but some people don't want to go the conventional route, which is fine! Here are some other fun September craft ideas:

Make a fairy house. Our local Ren Faire lets you in free with one so you might even be able to swing tickets that way!

Add fairy lights to jars, bookshelves and other projects for a soft, sweet light.

Make a DIY lantern, a cardboard dollhouse or another one of these 30 ideas for September Crafts from the Artful Parent!

See what kinds of local classes are near you. Our library offers a monthly painting class that has been a lot of fun!

What other September crafts are you up to? Share them in the chat!

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Halloween Stickers are Here!

The holiday steadily approaches...

Fellow Halloween lovers (and crafters), the holiday is approaching! For weeks it's been closing in on the Midwest. In my Halloween Facebook groups people have been finding all sorts of great Halloween craft supplies and decor in craft stores while we waited patiently for it to arrive. It's finally here!

From Dollar Tree to Michael's, there are cool Halloween goodies everywhere. My favorite find this year is the Frankenstein bride stuff at the latter, which looks super cool and spooky. Last year they had some of this "pastel goth" vibe and I'm so excited to see it return. They have lots of other fun ones, too.

What Halloween craft supplies have you been finding so far? Share them in the chat.

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Halloween Costume Crafting

It's time to start planning!

Halloween may be over two months away, but August is definitely the month to start planning costumes--especially if you use multiple costumes and/or make your own in October. For those who do the 31 days of costumes challenge, it may even be late in the game to start planning! There's still time to decide and find all of those costume pieces.

Lots of crafters are already sharing their tutorials. This WandaVision guide is perfect for those who love Marvel and the Scarlet Witch especially. Disney has new costumes for people with disabilities that you could either purchase or use to get some great ideas, too. If your goal is to scare, these masks might give you all the inspiration you need.

What costumes are you making? Share them in the chat!

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Reusing Old Windows in Craft Projects

Share your projects in the chat!

Recently we came into ownership of some old windows. Unfortunately they aren't the size we need for our own, which do need to be replaced, but they are still good quality windows, which means we'd like to do something with them. What that something is... we haven't decided. 

The ideas listed here are a great starting point. I love the headboard idea and I'm leaning toward the mini greenhouse, which would be so great for not only growing but keeping our outdoor plants alive during the winter without even having to bring them inside! What a fantastic idea, and it's also just really cute looking. The coffee table is also tempting, as I could see us making a living moss display within the moss growing inside!

Have you ever used reclaimed windows for a project? What did you make? Share it in the chat.


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Sunflowers and Watermelon

Get into these August crafts

Now that August is here all hot and heavy, let's make some fun end-of-summer crafts! There are so many fun crafts to do at home, whether you want to make a cute window display or you have kids who feel like getting artsy. This list in particular has so many fun ideas.

I love the black glue project where you use your product to make watermelon seeds that shine! How clever. A watermelon volcano and watermelon playdough look like great crafts, too! Wadding up tiny pieces of tissue paper is a great craft for small hands that are practicing pinching skills, too.

What August crafts are you and your family working on? Tell us in the chat!

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August Crafting

What are you making?

August crafts often come in the form of the back to school variety, which can be incredibly helpful. Lots of people decorate notebooks, binders, locker shelves and decor and other fun crafts to help make their school year start off on the right start. But many people may forget that Lughnasadh or Lammas, the festival that begins the harvest season, is also the first day of August, making it a great time for some harvest crafts!

One of the most common crafts for this time of year is the corn maiden or corn mother doll made from--you guessed it!--corn. You can also shape dolls from reeds and grasses. Corn husk chains and other crafts are also great for this time of year. 

Lots of witches like to make their own oils and incense this time of year, and you can make wreaths and apple crafts. Berry bracelets are fun to make, and many people like to make conservation crafts at harvest time, like a personally decorated rain barrel.

What are you making in August? Share your crafts in the chat!

The Best Stickers

Which ones do you love?

Like many crafters, I am a sticker lover. And like many sticker lovers, I am picky about my stickers! It's not that I'm not going to enjoy using the free stickers that come with junk mail or the ones that a loved one finds and gives me, but I'm going to light up when I find my favorites. If you're like me, you're always looking at different stickers or washi tape on Etsy, drooling over the possibilities!

So when I ran across STICKII, I thought I'd found sticker heaven. The store has SO many different types of stickers that I love, and the best part is that you don't have to buy a subscription. You can buy most of the stickers they offer at any time. They do have three levels of subscriptions--cute, vintage and pop--for those who do like the styles, but I love most of the stickers that I've seen on the website so far. It would be way too hard for me to choose.

What stickers have you fallen in love with lately? Do you use a subscription service? Share them in the chat!

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Halloween Crafts are Rolling Out!

Share them as you find them!

Many stores are already starting to release their Halloween goodies. Michael's has some on their website and it sounds like many stores will be putting some things on the shelves this weekend! At Home, always the first to put out their Halloween decor, has the lead again, with people spotting items at many locations.

Then there are the big retailers like Target, who release cool Halloween goodies only for them to be snatched up and resold on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. I've seen so many items sold out on their first day only to be re-sold on eBay and it's incredibly disappointing. When they sold the killer plants a couple of years ago it was the worst. 

Are you grabbing up Halloween craft supplies already? If so, where did you get them? Share your sources in the chat. 

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