Celebrity Crafting

What famous person shares your love of a craft?

The other day I saw a story about how Chrissy Teigen likes to do various crafts and has even released her own products, like an adult scratch-off book, and it made me wonder what other crafts celebs like to do. We often only see a side of them that's all about glamor and fashion and maybe even diets, which isn't very healthy. Why not take the Henry Cavill route and show us what they love to do?

More celebrities are doing this on social media. I loved seeing how David Beckham hand-sews clothing for his kiddo. And do you remember the snow globes that Taylor Swift made? We've made those very same snow globes at home!

What celebrities share your love of crafting? Share what you've read in the chat.

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Fun Spring Stickers

Share what you're finding!

Now that it's springtime, we can see colorful stickers popping up all over the place, and I'm here for it! There are lovely stickers of flowers, but my favorites are the gardening supply stickers, rainbows, clovers and other fun spring items. Chicken stickers are probably the best of all!

Michaels sent me an email with some of their new spring stickers and they are just as bright and cheerful as you might expect. The chicken lady in me really wants to find some farming stickers in this same style.

What pretty spring stickers have you found for your crafting? Share them in the chat.

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Spring Flower Crafts

Share what you're making!

Hopefully you aren't like me, planting seeds way too early in the season outside (whoops!). Every year I know better and I still get suckered in! Maybe you're making spring flower crafts inside instead, which is much more sensible and helps give your space lots of pretty color.

In the past, we've made everything from Lorax Truffula Trees to watercolor coffee filter flowers, pinwheel flowers to tie-dye ones and so many other types of flowers. We've sculpted flowers, made them out of sticks and even made toilet paper tube flowers. The link above has many of these projects, plus ones I've never tried but would like to. The cherry blossom one looks fun, and if you've never tried blowing paint on paper through a straw to make flowers, it's something really fun to do!

What kinds of floral or spring crafts are you making right now?

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St. Patrick's Crafts

What are you making?

While I have strong Irish heritage in my family, I'm not a big fan of St. Patrick's Day. I'm not a big drinker, which pretty much renders half of the holiday's celebrations void for me, but I'm also not a fan of the running of "snakes," or pagans, out of a nation. That said, I totally get the appeal of everything from gold coins and leprechauns (which some Irish people don't like, by the way) to corned beef and potatoes. Potatoes are something I can get behind!

My favorite symbols of the holiday, though, are shamrocks and rainbows, which are just beautiful harbingers of spring anyway. My yard is full of shamrocks right now (and I love shamrock plants themselves), and it's always funny to me how my neighbors hate clover and all pay to have their yards treated while mine just rolls with clover. It's SO pretty to me, so I love crafts like these

What are you making for the holiday? Share your crafts in the chat.

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Pet Fur Crafts!

Have you ever made any?

It sounds so bizarre, but did you know that people make crafts out of their pets' fur? If your cats or dogs shed as much as ours, you know this is a totally pain-free situation for them. I can brush my dogs and get enough fur, any day of the week, to make a few crafts.

We first started experimenting with this idea when we were asked to make strange arts and crafts out of pet hair for the GISH scavenger hunt. If you're not familiar with GISH, definitely check it out. You'll find craft projects like you've never done before! We made some silly projects but then we learned that there are people who actually felt things like hats out of their pets' fur!

Have you ever made something out of pet fur? We'd love to see it in the chat!

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The Most Creative Recycled Crafts

What do you like to make?

At our house, we've been cleaning out a lot of junk during the pandemic and we have SO much recycled stuff saved for projects that I'm just going to have to get rid of a lot of it. But how do you decide what to keep? We do a lot of art challenges like GISH, which means it's very handy to have things like empty Pringles cans, old empty tealight holders and milk jugs on hand. (We used milk jugs to make Stormtrooper helmets one year, among other things!)

My kiddo is great at making things out of recycled objects. The Pringles can? It's a fairy lighthouse. It's really neat, too. We also save items to build fairy houses for the annual Renaissance Faire, of course! 

What recycled objects do you find most helpful in your crafting? Which do you get rid of?

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Leather Crafting

Have you made any projects?

Leatherworking isn't my craft of choice, but my teen is fascinated with it and I've been learning more about the art. There are so many cool designs and things you can make, and you can do braiding, stamping, and even art that looks a lot like origami!

I'm not really a fan of leather products but I can see the appeal. We went to a leather crafting store before the pandemic and there was a lot more to choose from than I had imagined. My kiddo chose a kit with a mallet and stamps to get started, but everywhere you looked there were different sizes and shapes of tools, different leather textures and even different dyed leathers to select to use for projects.

Do you work with leather? What projects do you make? Share your favorites in the chat.

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Kindness Crafts

Share what you're up to!

Recently I learned about a really cool craft project called Ready to Care. You sign up and it sends you weekly texts with ideas for helping seniors through crafts, letter writing, gift-giving and more. I love crafts and I love helping others, so when the two are combined I'm pretty much head over heels.

That's why I'm also super excited about the upcoming GISH mini hunt. My family and I do all of the GISH hunts for charity and they always have fun crafts and ways of making a difference, whether you're making cozy socks for retirement centers, sending care packages while dressed in costume or doing other acts of love. It's so fun and I wholeheartedly recommend playing!

What kindness crafts are you up to right now?

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Cold Weather Crafting

What do you make while you're cooped inside?

People who are quarantining are really missing the warmer weather in many parts of the country right now, and many are turning to fun indoor projects to keep their minds occupied while sheltering in place. From coloring to watercolors, light woodworking to jewelry making, there are so many cool indoor hobbies to take on during the cold weather months.

My teen likes to make costumes and wants to go into business making and selling them, and lately my favorite cold weather projects include wax art and watercolor. I just learned that there's an art called wax painting, or encaustic wax, which has me pretty excited! I definitely want to learn more about this art.

What indoor arts are you into right now? Share them in the chat!

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Valentine's Diamond Art

Are you making anything?

Diamond Art Club sent us some fun ideas to check out for Valentine's projects this year, including this cute "Love Birds" piece and a pink and red project simply entitled "Love." The projects are great for people who love coloring by number and intricate crafts where you concentrate and maybe even meditate. They do require a steady hand! If you love puzzles it may be up your alley. You can find them at the website or JoAnn's stores.

If you're like me and you're much messier with your crafting, you might find making hearts with tissue paper "stained glass" more your speed. It's a great craft for littles, too, since there's not a lot of setup, mess or cleanup!

What are you making this week for Valentine's Day?

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