10 Snow Crafts to Do This Winter

10 Snow Crafts to Do This Winter

If your little one wants to play in the snow but it’s way too cold, zie has a cold, or the snow is just disappearing faster than you can say snowman, you can always keep the fun indoors with some snow crafts. Though not made with real snow, these crafts can help kids celebrate the white stuff without having to exacerbate a cold. (That said, if it’s safe to go outside, kids should definitely get the chance to explore it firsthand!)

10. Fuzzy Snow People

Draw snow people on white construction paper, then let your child glue in cotton balls wherever zie likes. Feeling the snow people when they are finished is part of the fun!

9. Make Snowflakes

The best way to do this seems to be with coffee filters. A step-by-step guide for those who are unfamiliar with making paper snowflakes can be found here.

8. Snowmen Fence

This popsicle stick project will make a super cute winter decoration once its complete.

7. Soda Bottle Polar Bear

Even if you can manage playing in the snow, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into a polar bear. Bring one into your home with this simple craft.

6. Mini Marshmallow Igloo

Kids will love both eating and gluing mini marshmallows to create this cute little igloo. If you can make it with a hollow inside, they can also use it to house small toys and pretend they are playing in the snow.

5. Shelfsicles

Bring the snow indoors by creating this shelf-lining set of icicles with just a bit of sparkly felt. Use it to decorate any special shelves, family altars, or other nooks of your home.

4. Make a Snow People Game

Draw three snow people on construction paper. Next, make them a set of scarves, button eyes, hats, whatever you like. Use scrap paper, ribbon, felt, whatever you have on hand. Let your children select whichever pieces they like best to decorate their snow people with.

3. Snowflake Window Clings

Why buy them when you can make your own? Children will love to have snowflakes pressed against their windows all winter long.

2. Make Ice Crystals

Rather than real ice, pipe cleaners and beads can be transformed into these sparkly creations. It’s also a great fine motor activity.

1. Around-the-House Crafts

From toilet paper tube penguins to paper plate crafts, this site has dozens of cheap-to-free craft ideas for families to work on together.