8 Crafts to Make with Seashells

8 Crafts to Make with Seashells

During the summertime, we often accumulate quite a collection of seashells. From trips to the beach to vacations to people giving them to you as souvenirs, if you’re not careful, your home can quickly start to resemble an Atlantean grotto. Instead of stepping on them, crushing them, and tossing them away with the garbage, here are eight easy crafts to make with your summer collection.

Photo Frames: Simply glue four wide craft sticks together and let kids decorate them by gluing on the seashells. For a more advanced look, use actual outdoor sticks or a frame you like and add on shells, bits of colored glass, and some fisherman’s netting to create a nautical frame for your summer photos.

A New Theme: If you’re tired of an old look or simply want a summer change, use your shells to embellish objects in a room of your house. Throw some fish netting over your toilet tank and add shells for a bathroom beach look, or use them on lamp bases, window treatments, or in bowls in other rooms for a bit of summer indoors. If you want to go all out, add a fresh coat of ocean blue paint and voila—you have a new captain’s quarters.

Candles: Push seashells into fat pillar candles and give them as gifts.

Mermaid Wand: Kids love these simple creations: Simply glue seashells in a bundle at the tip of a craft stick or a stick from your yard and let it dry. Then, repeat the process on the other side of the bundle, and adorn the rest with random shells and other embellishments, such as shimmery sea foam gossamer.

Quick Fine Motor Activities: Let your child make a fun craft while utilizing his or her pincer skills. Help him or her draw a picture of the ocean, complete with sand, and then let him or her have at it with some glue and your seashells.

Walkway Ocean Wonder: If you have a rock garden or any rock landscaping in your yard, sprinkle some shells throughout to create a unique new look.

Summer Shadowbox: Make a permanent reminder of your summer by selecting your favorite picture and mounting it in a pretty blue or sand-colored shadowbox, and surrounding it with shells and other mementos.

Party Favors: During your last summer cookout, give away a small, decorated jar or bag of shells decorated to each guest as a reminder of summertime for when the leaves start to turn.