Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly Crafts

Real life reflects well in crafts of all kinds. Adding a hint of nature's beauty to your projects is a wonderful way to bring them to life and natural themes are really hot in today's interior design. It really does not matter whether your creations are simple or highly involved and saturated with intricate details. It is sometimes the finishing touch that makes all of the work come together in the end.  This week,  I am all aflutter as butterflies have caught my imagination.

With Spring firmly in the air,  so are butterflies, and I love these tiny winged visitors.  Sadly, they don't tend to stay around for long, (flowers to see, nectar to taste) so I am putting together some great craft projects for all of you who love their intricate shapes and colors as much as I do.
If you are looking for a vivid and delicate item to add to your craft inventory that can be used in a variety of ways and in a multitude of projects, you are definitely going to want to check out the butterflies at Clear Cut Crafts. They offer the most realistic and colorful butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs you will ever set your eyes on. The vast range of colors and assortment of sizes and varieties make these little critters perfect additions to your creations.

Scrap-booking is an ideal hobby where these critters will feel right at home. You can use them to decorate any number of pages from weddings and garden parties to children's birthdays and graduations. Not only can you use them on the pages, but you could decorate the cover of a scrapbook with them as well.

However, if you are thinking that these butterflies are just for paper crafts, then think again!

Because these products are water proof and fade resistant, they are even ideal for yard decorations. Add them to a bird house or decorate a gazebo.  I had one friend who spent an afternoon hot gluing feather butterflies to the rafters of her porch,  and the finished look was breathtaking.  Add a few hanging strands of these friendlyflutterbies, and you really feel as if nature has flown in to visit.  (You can decide whether the electronic butterfly with moving wings is creepy or cute.)

Butterflies make surprising additions to dried floral arrangements, giving a touch of vibrant color and texture.

Clear Cut Crafts have even shown how their butterflies have been used to adorn home-made soaps. If you do not feel adventurous enough to try the particular project described, simply tie your bar of handmade soap with twine and attach the butterfly on top for a rustic presentation. This kind of finishing touch is great for increasing sales if you market your finished products. Friends and family members will also appreciate the extra step when they receive your gift.

Or if you want to take the butterfly and soap theme to a whole new level, try making your own butterfly shaped soap.  Go Planet Earth have some great soap moulds, including several nice butterfly shaped ones.

Take a closer look at Clear Cut Crafts' photo gallery for more fun ideas for decorating with butterflies, or follow them on twitter for more unique ideas and inspiration.