Clay fish craft

Clay fish craft

With summer currently in full swing, your kids are bound to spend time fishing or swimming with the fish in the ocean. Afterward, they can take some time to wind down by creating a clay fish.

First, your kids will need to scour the beach for seashells, smooth stones or any other item that they think they can use to decorate their clay fish with. You can give each of the children a bucket to collect their treasures.

Second, give each child a block of clay that they can shape into a fish. The clay doesn't have to be colored because your kids are going to paint the fish in the next step. They make fish molds for use on the beach if you want to use one of those to create the shape of a fish. My kids like turning their clay into fish without the mold, but it could be helpful for some kids.
Third, set the clay fish on a few sheets of newspaper to protect your tabletop from runaway paint. Paint the fish a solid color, or a rainbow of colors. There are fish in the sea with such a wide variety of colors that you can't possibly get this step wrong. Set the fish aside until the paint dries.

Finally, press the shells and pebbles into the clay to decorate your fish, or make the fish look like he has a set of scales. If the clay has hardened, just use a hot glue gun to attach the seashells and pebbles.

Tip: You can break the seashells up into pieces to create a mosaic fish.