Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts

It’s time to make your house green, invite leprechauns in to play, and create a memorable St. Patrick’s Day for all! Here are some simple crafts you can do (with your kids, friends, or yourself!) to help invite the month of March into your home with open arms this month.

Make clay clovers: These will be easy enough to form with little hands and they are so versatile after finished. Simply use some green clay (or play dough, if you like) and form fun four-leaf clovers with your fingers. You can use air drying clay if you’d like a more permanent result. Then use the clay creations for paperweights, centerpieces, or any other decoration you’d like to have. Poke a hole in the top to hang the clovers from a tree or on the wall. Dangle them from bookshelves or other overhanging furniture for a fun, festive look.

Create an easy wind sock: The most simple way to do this is with a paper lunch sack. Get some white ones so you can easily paint them white, orange, and green—or simply glue on paper clovers or draw other decorations. Cut off the bottom of the bag, leaving two open ends. Once you’re finished decorating the bag, punch two holes in opposite sides on the top of the bag and thread some ribbon, yarn, or pipe cleaners through them to hang it with. Add some ribbons or streamers to the bottom and it will billow wherever the wind blows.

Make a family gold pot: Cut out a large pot on black construction paper and hang it on the wall. Next, cut out lots of small “gold coins” from construction paper—make them big enough to write a few words on, but no larger than the palm of your hand. Give each family member five or ten gold coins to use and have them all write down either a goal or wish for spring, something they’re grateful for about spring, or something that they love about the season. Each person can then tape their gold coin to the pot of gold until it’s filled.

Alternatively, get a mason jar for each family member and cut a slit in each jar lid. Use black paint to paint a black pot on both sides of the jar. The pot should cover at least half of the jar, leaving the top portion clear. Set a bowl of yellow “golden coins” made from construction paper in the center of the jars. Every day throughout the month, each family member can put a “gold coin” in each family member’s jar with a little note about what he or she loves about that person, or a compliment of some sort, or even simply award gold coins for good deeds done as notes of appreciation.