Fun and Festive Crafts for the New Year

Fun and Festive Crafts for the New Year

Maybe you’ve already made some loud, messy poppers worthy of store sales and country independence celebrations. Perhaps you created the cutest pointy silver hats with stars/ streamers/ 2010 as their prominent feature. You may have already celebrated the New Year in style—but the new year has only just begun. It’s time to make something really fun and festive! Here are just a few ideas.

Make a personalized family doormat. Welcome both guests and the New Year in every day with a doormat that’s completely you and your family. You can easily make your own rubber doormat, or you can simply buy a plain one and decorate it to your heart’s content. Use paint and make handprints (like Ellie and Carl, sigh!) or divide the mat into sections and have each family member decorate their section. Have a family mascot, crest, or other symbol? Paint that on and decorate it with hot glue and beads, sequins, sticks, stones, or whatever you like.

Highlight your family motto. Maybe it’s something strong and simple, like “We are family.” Perhaps you like Disney’s “Keep moving forward.” Whatever saying you and your family like to use for inspiration each day, design a banner featuring the saying and hang it in your yard, from your porch, or from a flag stand.

Go green while you get crafty. If one of your resolutions for 2010 happens to be to stop drinking bottled water, get each family member his or her own reusable mug or cup that can be easily decorated. Use a permanent marker to decorate the outside, or purchase one that easily opens to allow art to be inserted within the lining.

Make family mail priority mail. While you’re at it, why not make each family member his or her own mailbox to post on the bedroom door? Just use manila envelopes, stickers, and markers (or any art supplies you prefer) to make individual creations. These are great for incoming mail as well as slipping fun notes to one another throughout the year. Don’t forget to design your own personal calendars for 2010 as well!

Create a time capsule. It’s a new decade, which means it’s the perfect time to grab a box, decorate it, and pack it with meaningful memorabilia of the year throughout 2010. From class pictures to newspaper clippings, snippets from haircuts to report cards, these are great for holding all of your mementos and memories. You may want to start a scrapbook or journal for your family as well.