Getting crafty with acorns

Getting crafty with acorns

It’s that time of year!

Around noon every day, my daughter and I go outside and enjoy the weather for a couple of hours. This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling—we learn at her pace, and we never have to miss a gorgeous day. Today she took a bowl to our oak tree and collected a heaping bowl of acorns for her “potions lab” we built for her outside.

Acorns are such a fun fall find! Not only do they nourish our squirrel friends and provide seedlings for mighty trees—they also provide fun craft ideas. Here are a few things we have done with acorns that are so much fun!

  • Paint them! Painting the ones with caps is the most fun. Use whatever colors you like and seal them. (If you want to take your crafts inside, be sure to roast them for a few moments in the oven before doing crafts so you will get rid of any bugs inside.) We like to fill containers with them as fall centerpieces. For even more fun, sprinkle glitter on your wet paint for sparkle acorns!
  • Paint pumpkins! Go a step further and paint little faces on your orange acorns for tiny pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. These are some of the tiniest, most adorable crafts you will ever make! Click here for easy directions and examples.
  • Create acorn arrangements. For a natural look, use acorns with other fall leaves and foliage for a pretty decoration on your front porch.
  • Make acorn magnets, like these adorable ones that have faces! You could make one for each member of your family and include personal details on each face.
  • Make fairy furnishings. We like to use acorn caps for hats, cups, and bowls, and the acorns themselves to balance twigs for beds and other furniture. They also make great pretend food for fairies.
  • Felt a few acorns for year-round fun. These won’t ever rot and you can even give them away as gifts! Click here for a simple tutorial, or buy some online.
  • Make a “squirrel trap.” We don’t really trap squirrels, of course—we just pile up acorns in various parts of the yard, then monitor them quietly so we can easily catch glimpses of the squirrels as they gather and prepare for winter.

And if you would rather get crafty with some pumpkins instead, here are a bunch of ways to do that.