Happy Father's Day tie card

Happy Father's Day tie card

Dads don't need store-bought Father's Day cards. They need homemade ones that were made lovingly with little hands. One such card can be made to resemble a shirt and tie. This is especially great for dads who have business careers or dads who dress up for church on Sunday.

You will need the following items to make your Father's Day tie card:
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • One of dad's ties
  • Pictures of you

Follow these steps to make your Father's Day tie card:

Step 1:
Take a white or cream colored sheet of construction paper and fold it in half from left to right. It is the front of the card that you will turn into a shirt.

Step 2:
Trace around one of dad's real ties on a sheet of construction paper that matches the color of dad's tie.

Step 3:
Use your markers to make the tie look exactly like dad's tie. So if the tie also has red stripes, color on some red stripes with your red magic marker.

Step 4:
Cut the construction paper tie so that it is the length of the front of the card, and then glue it coming down the center of the card.

Step 5:
Add a collar on either side of the tie by drawing two upside-down triangles next to the tie.

Step 6:
Open the card up and write “Happy Father's Day” at the top and “Dad” in bubble letters in the middle. Sign your name on the bottom.

Step 7:
Cut out three pictures of yourself. Glue them to fit inside the middle of the d's and the circle of the a in “Dad.”

Step 8:
Give the card to dad on Father's Day.