Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpiece Options

Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpiece Options

The focus of your table on Thanksgiving is always the centerpiece. Although there are plenty of exquisite Thanksgiving centerpieces available for purchase throughout various markets, making your own centerpiece is the most budget-friendly option. Crafting the centerpiece yourself also allows you to add personal touches that you cannot get with a store bought item.

Photography Centered

Consider creating a family tree and clipping pictures of each family member to it. Simply place floral foam in a flower pot. Find a few thin, yet sturdy branches in your backyard that you can stick down into the foam. Hang a picture of each family member from the branches. Decorate the outside of the flower pot with fall colored leaves. These can be fake, or freshly pressed leaves from your property.

Edible Arrangements

Start with a medium sized pumpkin as your centerpiece base. Press bamboo skewers down into the pumpkin. Use at least 10, although more is fine if you can fit them in. Just before your guests are set to arrive, slide freshly cut pieces of fruit over the open end of the skewer. You can also use vegetables, or cheese and pepperoni cubes. Since this edible centerpiece offers your guests appetizers, it is actually serving two purposes.

Just for Fun

You may want to get your kids involved in creating the Thanksgiving centerpiece. Have your children decorate an old shoe box with shiny orange or brown wrapping paper. Place a clear Champaign glass in the center of the shoe box. Send the kids outside to collect acorns, pinecones, and colored leaves to set inside the shoe box, surrounding the base of the glass. Dried cranberries and pieces of potpourri may also be added for color and a pleasant scent. Ask the children to use sticky letters to spell out “Give Thanks” across the front of the shoe box. Supply each guest with a fortune cookie size piece of paper to write one thing they are thankful for. The pieces of paper can then be placed inside the Champaign glass. This serves as a reminder during the course of the meal of all the things the family members are thankful for.