How to Sell Homemade Jewelry

How to Sell Homemade Jewelry

My sister recently started making her own jewelry from home. Making the jewelry when you have the talent is the easy part. Selling it, however, is another matter entirely. Fortunately, my sister has found a few clever ways to sell the jewelry so that she has extra money to purchase Christmas presents this year.

1. Etsy: Selling homemade items is harder to do on eBay, which offers so many different types of items for sale. Etsy actually focuses on homemade items. This means visitors to the site are already looking for jewelry that is hand crafted. When you sell an item, Etsy will keep a small percent as their service fee.

2. Craft Fairs: Craft fairs are popular all year long. In fact, my sister has four different fairs lined up for the next month. You will have to pay for a table at the craft fair. The price for this can run anywhere from $5 to $20, depending on the size of the fair. The good news is that most crafters make their table fee back just by selling one or two pieces of jewelry.

3. Home Parties: Another trick my sister used to sell her homemade jewelry was to host a party at her home. Not only did she make several sales, but she also got a few custom orders as well. Best of all, having the party at her home cost her nothing.

4.  Store Displays: If you have any small businesses in the area, you can ask them if they would be willing to display some of your jewelry. My sister did this and got a consignment contract. A percent of the jewelry sold goes to the owner of the shop, and my sister pockets the rest. Every other week or so, my sister visit’s the store to change out the jewelry in the display so that potential customers always have something new to look at.