Independence Day Crafts

Independence Day Crafts

Independence Day is one of the best holidays for making vibrant, memorable crafts and projects—either with the kids or alone. Here are some fun, low-cost craft projects you might want to do this holiday weekend with your family.

Patriotic Pinwheels: Pinwheels are such a hit because once they’re finished, they give you a final product you can use in so many ways. You can give them out to guests as a party favor, to kids as a toy to play with, or decorate with them to polish off your Independence Day theme. Click here for easy yet polished pinwheel instructions.

Freedom Rocks: Paint river rocks red, white, and blue and decorate your 4th of July table with them. They work very well around candles (within holders). You can also paint words on them and give them to guests as souvenirs.

Fire Crackers: Like pinwheels, fire crackers have another purpose beyond being pretty—you can use them to make noise and have some fun! The only thing is, once they’re pulled apart, they’re gone for good, so you might want to be sure to use recycled materials and do them yourself, rather than pull apart something your child has made. Here is an easy guide for making fire crackers.

Starry Door Hanger: This easy craft will be sure to open up your doorway when guests arrive, giving them an instant American-style feel. It’s a particularly good craft for kids to make as well, and can be adapted for other holidays and events.

Confetti Launcher: Another mess-making, fun craft, a confetti launcher is a safer alternative to fireworks. It’s also a great way to use up scrap paper.

Coloring Sheets: Let the littlest Americans and their friends have some fun without getting too complicated by providing coloring sheets with the holiday theme. Free ones can be found all over the web. Independence Day Fun has some free printable sheets as well as several other craft projects, such as luminaries and table toppers that can be used as decorations.

Fourth of July Wreath: This project is better suited for grown-ups, since it requires some complicated steps. It’s still simple to make, and will create a lovely focal point for your home or party.

Patriotic Candle Jars: These are so much fun, and make wonderful gifts as well as centerpieces. Use them in any room of the house, or for temporary outdoor use during your festivities. (Be sure to bring them back inside afterward.)