KnitPicks Options Interchangeable Knitting Needles

KnitPicks Options Interchangeable Knitting Needles

I love Addi Turbos, but I can’t afford to buy each size I need.  They are so smooth and quick to knit with though, that it’s a treat to my fingers to use them.  I also like to switch projects frequently, so having a wide assortment of sizes is an absolutely necessity.  Enter KnitPicks Options. These needles are like the perfect combination of Addi Turbos and Denise Interchangeables, but even better.  You can change your needles out with a quick screw in or out, and you get the benefit of the speedy quickness of metal needles.

If metal isn’t to your taste, the Harmony wooden set is absolutely beautiful.  I keep wishing for one, but since I already have the metal set, it seems frivolous to buy the Harmony needles.  Their delectable rainbow of colors would be so fun to knit with, I can almost see them in my hands.

The only downside I have discovered to my KnitPicks Options is that they seem to come apart fairly easily.  Once that perfect coupling is broken, it is hard to convince the cable that it must stay together with the needle assembly, so it is usually best to just move on to a replacement or another set of needles.

The join itself is great – no catching or snagging of delicate yarns as they pass through.  Replacing the needles couldn’t be easier, you just use the included doohickey and they come apart very easily.  Contrary to my expectations, they don’t come apart without you really trying to make them so.

Overall, I am very happy that I have the KnitPicks Options.  As far as I am concerned, they are the only knitting needles I need, except for maybe the Harmony needles.