Learning to Craft Independently

Learning to Craft Independently

For those that are more independent or live somewhere that there are no classes offered in their chosen craft, there is no need to despair and give up.  There are other options available to those that are determined.  It may be a bit difficult to learn on your own, but imagine the feeling of accomplishment that will come once you have it tackled.

Books – There are all sorts of books out there to help you learn.  Make sure you pick a book that has a lot of picture to show you what they are describing.  The terminology can be very confusing if yo

u are new to the craft and a picture will help to clarify. 

DVD’s – Chances are, someone has made a DVD to instruct you how to do the craft you want.  Again, depending on the craft, it is important to get one where it is easy to see their hands.  There are some crafts where the hands are not as vital to see, such as scrapbooking, but if you are learning to knit, you need to see their hands and how they are moving.

 – Going online to YouTube may seem like an odd method to learn a craft but you will be amazed what you can find.  One of the benefits of YouTube is that it is available right away and if the video you watch does not work for you, it is easy to move to a different video that does.  Make sure you have high speed Internet and a large/unlimited data plan as these can be hogs for bandwidth.