Make Your Own Soap Sack

Make Your Own Soap Sack

Rather than waste all that plastic with liquid bath soap and a pouf, I prefer to use the good old fashioned bar soap.  I don’t like trying to hold onto a slippery bar, however, so I decided to come up with a solution – a soap sack.

Depending on your preferred craft, you can make a soap sack that is sewn, knitted or crocheted, and best of all, it takes little time with any method. 

A sewn sack can easily be made by cutting an old washrag down to size and making a three-sided pouch to hold the soap.  You can sew a button on to keep the soap in, or sew the top over and install a drawstring.  Just be sure you can easily add a new bar when that bar is spent.

For knitting, follow instructions to make a pouch knitted in the round, or make a long rectangle and sew it together when finished.  You can weave a bit of ribbon through the stitches for a drawstring.

Crocheted soap sacks can be made the same as a knitted one, with the benefit of larger holes for the soap to come through.

One thing to remember is that soap will be used up faster when it is in a soap sack, so you will start going through more soap.  I found that the experience of using my own handmade soap sack was worth the little bit of extra soap.  It looks much better than a traditional wash cloth, and makes it easy to keep your soap to yourself.  You can make individual soap sacks for every member of the family!