New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids

New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids

If your children plan on staying awake with you until midnight, you may want to prepare a few crafts to keep them busy. They can also use these crafts while the ball drops, and the clock changes to twelve.

Noise Shakers

Give each child two dessert paper plates. Place one dessert plate upright and lay some beans inside it. If you don’t have beans, use beads, rice, or dried peas instead. Flip the second dessert plate over and set it on top of the first plate. Staple around the edges so that the beans are secure inside. Allow the children to decorate the outside of the dessert plates. They can use paints, tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, or any other decorative craft supplies. Once the paints, or glue dry, the children can begin shaking their new noise shakers.

Resolution Time Capsule

What better way to celebrate the new year than to create goals for the upcoming year. Children can do this as well. Their goals can be anything from helping mom out more around the house to joining a sports team. Give each child in the house a piece of paper. Allow the children to write down a few goals that they would like to achieve, and then allow them to decorate the paper. You may even want to have the children color a picture of themselves completing the goal. Roll each goal sheet up and tie a ribbon around the center of it.

Place the goal sheets inside a time capsule, which can be an old shoe box or an old cardboard paper towel roll. Wrap the time capsule up with wrapping paper, and then label it with the date of the following New Year’s Eve. When that date arrives, you can open up the resolution time capsule to reveal whether the goals were met.