Organizing a Jumble of Art Supplies

Organizing a Jumble of Art Supplies

Eliminate Clutter in the Studio or Hobby Area

If you're a member of a multi-artist family, you already know the challenges of organizing and storage. Even if you're the only one who paints, draws, sculpts, or engages in any artful activity, the clutter of supplies can quickly get out of hand.

I'm lucky enough to have a studio with a dedicated closet, but even that's not enough to keep all those small items, including brushes, pens, pencil leads, and other items easy to find. That requires my multi-drawer treasure chest. It's small, yet can pack in a load of stuff. It doesn't require much space, either.

You may have already spent a fortune on tools and it's just as easy to spend gobs of cash for organizers. Head straight to a hobby and art store and you'll find the latest in boxes, baskets, and totes.

However, there are a few ways to save money while still keeping all your gear in one easily accessible place.

Alternative Art Supply Organizer Tips

1. Instead of a custom plastic art box, check out the fishing section at sports or large-box retailers. You'll find they're much cheaper and are available in a range of sizes.

2. Organizers of all sizes go on sale in January at most retail stores. Check out the "dollar" outlets for clear plastic organizers, complete with lids. You'll find sizes just right for paintbrushes and smaller supplies.

3. A basic tote bag with a structured bottom is an inexpensive way to store smaller plastic containers. If you're lacking for space, just hang it on a hook inside a closet door.

4. Over-the-door shoe organizers are another space-saving solution. They'll hold slightly bulkier items and are easy to label.

5. For tabletops, a Lazy Susan with open containers is an ideal spot for pencils, markers, pens, and brushes.

While you may not want to skimp on art supplies, you can certainly find economical alternatives for storage.