Other Easy Felt Craft Ideas

Other Easy Felt Craft Ideas

Last week, we talked about felt stories and what a great educational toy they are.  Felt is much more versatile than that, however, and there are many fun, creative ways you can use felt in crafting. 

Felt Finger Puppets
If you have little ones, this project will give them hours of fun.  You can create unique felt finger puppets by sewing two pieces together to fit your recipient’s finger, and then decorating with other colors of felt.  You could make a mouse by using grey felt for the body and cutting out little ears, whiskers, eyes and mouth from other colors.  Glue the pieces on with regular Elmer’s glue and you’ve got an adorable little friend for your kids to play with.

Cell Phone Pouch
Similar to the way you would make a finger puppet, you can sew together pieces of felt to create a pouch for your cell phone.  Sew on buttons, draw shapes and designs, or add contrasting layers of felt to create a unique design on the outside.  You can sew on a strap or even a loop to run it through your belt.

Felt Hair Clips
Go to any craft store and you should be able to find blank alligator hair clips.  With a little hot glue, layers of felt cut in different shapes, and a steady hand, you can make clips with flowers, animals or any other design you can think of.  These make great gifts, too.

The fun thing about felt is how completely versatile it is.  You can do so much more than these few crafts, and with very little expense.  If you shop around, you can sometimes find a sheet of felt on sale for 3/$1.  One sheet will get you lots of finger puppets!