Playing with Fiber Arts

Playing with Fiber Arts

Some of us may sew, knit, crochet or embroider as our craft of choice. People who use the needle in art hail it as a supreme stress reliever, and they always have such gorgeous creations to share when they’re finished. I have an aunt who crochets a beautiful afghan for every major family event; if you’re getting married, graduating or having a baby, you know you’re going to get one of the most beautiful creations ever made by her.

That said, sewing isn’t the only way you can have fun with fabric. There are oodles of fiber arts out there just waiting for you to dive in. If you’re new to using fiber in your crafts, here are a few simple projects to start out with.

Make a paper doll. Start with the basics you used as a child, and add in some fabric—maybe some burlap for an old-fashioned hat, or a fun felt shirt? You can even use a holiday theme by creating a Santa doll, a monster, an Easter Bunny, etc. and creating mix-and-match outfits to play with.

Make a felt play set. These are super simple to do and my daughter loves them. Just start with a big piece of green felt as your background. Then cut out a lake shape out of blue felt, various tree shapes out of other shades of green felt, and then make little creatures by drawing them on the felt with a fine or medium point marker and cutting them out. Your child can play with them for hours, rearranging and playing pretend.

Make three dimensional felt creations. This is a very popular art in Waldorf education, and it’s no wonder—making felt gnomes, mushrooms, and even little campfires is a rewarding hobby that results in gorgeous, usable homemade toys that your children will love and cherish.

Play with yarn. It seems like a lumpy, awkward version of string or ribbon, doesn’t it? But you can make just about anything out of yarn if you use your imagination! Start with using it for dolls’ hair, or wrapping it around containers covered in glue for a fun finish. You can also easy puppets with yarn.

Check out Fiber Arts Magazine. You can find revolutionary new ideas as well as classic vintage projects and patterns.

Join the Fiber Arts Forum at It’s a great free place to find ideas, monthly challenges and tips for working with fiber.