St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft

Now that I have my Valentine’s Day crafts all planned out, it is time to turn my attention to St. Patrick’s Day. I like to plan these activities ahead of time because I homeschool my oldest daughter. I enjoy adding a few crafts into her lesson plans, and she enjoys the break from her book work.

The first craft I plan to make with my daughter is a pot of gold. This craft reuses an old flower pot and makes for a perfect gift for a parent, teacher, or friend.

Follow these steps to make your pot of gold:

Step 1:
Spray paint an old small flower pot black. It is best if you do this outside. Wait for the paint to dry before continuing.

Step 2:
Place a little Easter grass at the bottom of the flower pot to take up some of the room. Try to fill it at least half way.

Step 3:
Fill the rest of the flower pot with chocolate gold coins. You can get these at any department store, and even my local Dollar Store carries them.

Step 4:
Cut out a few small shamrocks from a sheet of green construction paper. Glue these shamrocks around pot of gold as decorations.


  • In addition to, or instead of, color a few rainbows and glue them to the flower pot for decoration.
  • Paint the name of the individual you plan to give the pot of gold to on the front of the flower pot. You can use gold paint, or rainbow colors.