Tile Coasters

Tile Coasters

Thanks to my newfound addiction to Pinterest, I discovered this nifty tutorial on making tile coasters.  These little guys are great to make for gifts – think housewarming or wedding gift – and can be customized to match any décor you can think of.

Because you use paper, the design possibilities are virtually unlimited.  If you can draw or paint, you could even create unique originals for your tile coasters.  You could use ACEOs purchased from Etsy artists for even more variety.  ACEOs are just like little art trading cards that feature unique designs from artists in an easy to manage size.

You can use your own photos to make keepsake coasters of your kids, family or a favorite event.

Use larger tiles with waterproof sealant to make pretty plant plates, a vast improvement over those plastic things you can get at the stores nowadays.

Tile coasters are very easy to make.  All you need is your paper of choice, ceramic tiles from the home store, paper glue, acrylic sealant spray and felt pads.  You can use colored tiles or white, depending on the paper you choose.

I can see spending an afternoon to make up several sets of these – one for yourself and others to keep on hand to give as gifts.  Wrap a set of four with a pretty ribbon and you have a perfect gift for acquaintances and close family members alike.

Tile coasters would be a great way to customize the décor in a room, but you can use the tiles for other things as well.  Affix a hanger to the back of each and you’ve got unique wall art, or arrange them on a shelf for texture and beauty.