Using Swarovski Crystals for Birthstone Jewelry

Using Swarovski Crystals for Birthstone Jewelry

Last week we talked about creating special gifts using birthstones and their colors.  Using real gemstones can be very cost prohibitive, especially for some of the precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires.  You can achieve the same beautiful look, in perfect symmetry, by incorporating Swarovski crystals into your designs.  In most cases, Swarovski colors are not named for the birthstones they so closely match, so here is a list of the Swarovski crystal color names that represent birthstones.

January’s birthstone is Garnet, and you can use either Siam or Garnet.

February is Amethyst, and the matching Swarovski color is also called Amethyst.

The same for March: both the stone and crystal are Aquamarine.

April’s stone is diamond, and you can use plain Crystal for this month.

May is Emerald for both the stone and crystal.

June is Alexandrite, which is either Pearl or Light Amethyst in Swarovski colors.

July is Ruby and you can use Ruby or Siam.

August is Peridot, as is the Swarovski color.

September is Sapphire, and you can choose light or dark Sapphire.

October is Opal, which is Rose or Light Rose in Swarovski.

November is Topaz, and so is the Swarovski color.

December is Blue Zircon, with a matching title at Swarovski.

Many people really like the perfect cuts of Swarovski.  In fact, that is what made these crystals so famous.  I put together birthstone sets with a bracelet and matching earrings for each month.  Swarovski crystal birthstone jewelry, ornaments or other handmade items make excellent gifts, and since Swarovski is so common, components are easy to find.