Whatever Happened to Macrame?

Whatever Happened to Macrame?

As I was sifting through some old files the other day, I stumbled across two small pattern books from the 70s that my mom had saved.  They both were full of really neat macramé projects, and it got me wondering – whatever happened to macramé?

Sure, it’s a throwback from the 70s, but the cool things you could do with macramé still haven’t been replaced by any modern crafting techniques.  Take the plant holder, for example.  I still haven’t seen a cooler plant holder than those made with macramé.  What about those cool hippie purses?  They must take so much time, but wow do they look great!

Is macramé going the way of the dinosaurs?  I think there’s still a lot of life left in this craft.  When I do a Google search for macramé, I find almost six million results, so perhaps I am just living in isolation and this versatile craft has already made a comeback.  I see there are many cottage sites dedicated to preserving macramé.  You can find free patterns, join communities, and even visit a “macramé lover’s blog”.

It really is amazing what you can make with macramé.  I am seeing really unique things, such as a macramé chair, what appears to be a macramé Bob Dylan, and some stunning macramé shoes.

One thing is for sure: I found me some treasures when I unearthed those two macramé pattern books, and learning this funky, cool craft is at the top of my list of things to do once I quit reproducing and actually have five minutes to spare for leisure.