Wool Diaper Covers from Sweaters

Wool Diaper Covers from Sweaters

Nothing says thrifty like making your own diapers, and wool is hands-down one of the best diaper cover materials out there.  If you are handy with knitting needles, you can make your own wool soaker, but you can skip all the work and make your own out of old wool sweaters.  They look great, can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and cost next to nothing if you get your sweaters from the thrift store.

Only pure wool, or close to it, will do for making wool diaper covers.  You will be felting them in the washing machine, and only real wool will felt, so don’t waste time or money on anything less than 85 percent wool. 

Felting in the washing machine is very easy – combine hot water, a tiny bit of soap, and full agitation to break down the fibers in wool and create a solid, water resistant mat.  You may need to run them through the agitation cycle more than once, but once they are felted, they will not unravel or unfelt.

Felted sweaters can be cut into any shape, so cut them into the right size for a diaper, sew them together and use them over and over again, in place of disposables.  You will need a liner, because contrary to their names, wool soakers do not actually soak up anything – they provide a barrier to prevent leaks.

For the liner, you can cut up old flannel sheets and make them into diaper sizes.  Pin them together, cover with a soaker, and you’ve got one of the least expensive diapers out there.