Wreath-Making 101

Wreath-Making 101

A True Story of Making Wreaths with Living Social


I’ve decided to take a Jane Austen approach to life. I am in need of more domestic skills to woo and impress any potential suitors that may come my way. In addition to learning how to cook, I've decided to up my craft skills, which are especially important around the holidays. My latest adventure in the domestic arts was at a local restaurant in Seattle; I attended a Living Social Adventure class in the art of wreath-making. 

I should have known that I was getting more than I bargained for when I had to sign a waiver form; I didn’t have time to read the dotted line. What could possibly go wrong? A thorn in my finger? Sap on my fingers? Twigs in my hair? 


I ignored my worried feeling and walked in. All of my concerns about the event went away when I sipped the hot-buttered rum each participant was provided with. It was a small cup of morning magic. 


I drifted off when the Living Social cutie-pie 20-something year-old guy gave the presentation on wreath-making. I blamed my lack of attention on the hot-buttered rum and the fact that I’d skipped my morning coffee. 


We went outside to make our wreaths; I picked up my metal wreath frame and wondered if the waiver was in case I impaled myself on it. I tried to remember what the Living Social guy had said about the wreath-making process, tried to copy what the people around me were doing, and eventually asked for help. I call it the phone a friend option, the one I use mostly when I don’t know how to do something. 


We had a temporary clipper shortage at our station; our wimpy clippers couldn’t make a dent in the thick branches that were at our station. We had to wait a bit to get the bigger, stronger clippers that could actually cut through the branches. When I finally got the chance to clip, I couldn’t remember if I had to clip 12 different pieces or 6 different pieces and was trying to understand what wreaths and clocks had in common. 


The wine came at just the right time. The woman next to us, who seemed to have devoted her entire life to the art of wreath-making, actually stole some of our berries and a few of our branches as well. 


I didn’t call her on it, but my new friend Kim that I met at the event wasn’t quite as non-accusatory.


I got stressed. My friend Libby finished her wreath and got compliments from everyone, my new friend Kim finished her wreath, and I heard the competitive wreath-maker brag about her skills with her hands. 


Meanwhile, I had to have Libby and Kim of them help me finish my wreath, which was a little more sparse than most of the wreaths around. 

HERE is a LINK on how to make a wreath without a fancy frame. Good luck and remember to keep your branches safe from any competitive wreath-makers out there.