Plate Jewelry

Have you ever thought of transforming antique ceramic dinnerware into something entirely new, wearable and artful? Artist Gesine Hackenberg did and the results are incredible! From necklaces to earrings and more, the Amsterdam-based artist creates all kinds of pieces from old plates.

Dragon Eyes on Everything

Dragons are all the rage, and where you might have once glued googly eyes to a mailbox or your shoes, now it's all about the dragon eyes. Artist Dragonarium does just that and sells her cool creations, but did you know that it's easy to do it yourself? This semester my daughter's been in a geek art class run by a friend of mine and she taught us how to put dragon eyes on journals! Here's a cool tutorial to teach you how to do it.


Do you love to ink? Share your skills this month with Inktober! It's a fun and easy challenge: all you have to do is draw something in ink every day. That's it! To participate, you can also share your creations on social media with the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2018. Artist Jake Parker started this tradition in 2009 as a way to practice inking and now it's a phenomenon as October as candy apples and pumpkin guts! 

Crafting Homemade Costumes

Halloween is only a month away. Are you costume ready? Crafting a costume is a fun way to prepare for the big event and it doesn't have to cost more than the scraps of fabric, hot glue or thread you've already got at home. In fact, costumes can often be made by just layering, pinning, and strategically placing items you already have on hand. If you don't enjoy sewing, for example, you can still craft this cute no-sew bumblebee costume.


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