50 Most Popular Pins

Good Housekeeping shared their 50 most popular Pins on Pinterest recently and there are so many fun ideas! They assure readers that the Pins are all easy to do and will add some spectacular aesthetic appeal to your home. Although many of us already use the heck out of Pinterest (I have something in the oven courtesy of a Pin at the moment), I thought this piece would not only give you some new ideas, but also serve as a starting point for anyone just now joining Pinterest!

Gingerbread houses bring families together

Make a gingerbread house with your kids this Christmas.

One Christmas I saw an invitation to create a gingerbread house at our local Wetlands Institution. There was a small fee to do this, but it sounded like so much fun. I took my two girls and two of their friends. We had such a blast making the gingerbread houses that I vowed to make some at home this year. The craft is a great way to connect as a family.

Winter wreath craft for kids

Learn about winter while having fun

Younger children love to learn while completing hands-on activities. As a homeschool mom, I have seen this time and time again. If you have a preschool or kindergarten age child, it is a good idea to go over the seasons with them by making a wreath. Previously, I wrote about how to create a fall wreath. Today, I'll explain how you can help your child make a wreath that represents the winter.

Santa handprint craft

Get kids in the mood for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching. I'm almost completely done with my Christmas shopping, so I've moved on to playing the Chipmunk's Christmas CD and having my kids make Christmas crafts. Our newest one is making a handprint Santa. If you have children under the age of 10, you'll want to give this craft a try.

You will need the following items to make your handprint Santa:

  • Construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush


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