Crafts That Double As Valentine Gifts

Are you making crafts to give as Valentine presents this year? It's one of the best holidays for crafting and with so many simple yet adorable ideas floating around, there's really something that everyone can make. Take this cute idea from the Dating Divas: use candy kisses to create an "I've kissed the ground you walk on!" craft with the cute printables that the site provides. They do a lot of fun projects like these and I really recommend their free kits.

Fun Doctor Who Crafts

Due to schedule changes and a limited budget, my daughter isn't able to attend the Doctor Who camp she had so hoped to go to this year, so I've been looking up various crafts and activities for her to do at home instead. Doctor Who crafts are cute, fun to do and help celebrate your fandom, and most can be made with things that you already have at home.

Make some easy Doctor Who valentines to save for Valentine's Day or to even distribute whenever you feel like it. 

Pumpkin seed smiley face craft

There are a lot of things you can do with a pumpkin besides carving or eating it. For example, you can save the scooped seeds and create a fabulous piece of art. Best of all, even younger children can participate. One of the many things I like to make with my girls is a pumpkin seed smiley face. Here is how you make it:

Step 1:
Scoop all of the seeds out of the pumpkin if you haven't already. Rinse them off under a faucet of running water to remove any strings or pumpkin juice that might be present on the seeds.

Step 2:
Set your pumpkin seeds on a few paper towel sheets to dry. This may take a few days. The key is to make sure no more moisture is left in the seeds. It can help if you place the seeds in the path of direct sunlight.


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