Last Minute Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters are all the rage, but I have to admit that I honestly just think they're adorable. I've seen so many for sale as "ugly sweaters," particularly in various fandoms, but thought they were too cute to be ugly. I've even thought a lot of DIY ones I've seen are really cute, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it doesn't take much to qualify! That's why these quick ideas are great for making a really fast, last-minute ugly sweater for your party. It's still a good idea to do this a day or two in advance when possible so your sweater can dry.

Gratitude Crafts

November is often a time of reflection in my home, especially after two action! packed! months of fall filled with classes, field trips and events. This year, we had a big family change right smack in the middle of this when my husband's schedule changed, and our one-car family found ourselves scrambling to get where we need to go. We're still scrambling. It's especially difficult after having committed to all of our activities.

Origami Hearts

Sure, origami hearts are great for Valentine's Day, but what better month to make and share hearts than Pride Month? Anytime is a great time to make hearts to share with the people you care about (or even people who could use something uplifting), so this tutorial is a great place to start to make an easy origami heart. I've found a great place to leave things like this is at the unemployment office, but feel free to make and share them with whomever you like!

Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and many mothers and other caregivers love to get homemade items from their loved ones as gifts. As a mom, I have to say that my favorite Mother's Day present of all time was a letter my kiddo wrote me while we were camping. So if you are looking for some things to make, or to help little hands make for the holiday, you're in luck!

Cute Mandarin Bunnies

Whether you celebrate Easter or you're just enjoying the themes of spring, you might be putting bunnies all over the place. We have little bunnies we made on our windows right now, and speaking as a person who's raised rabbits, there is absolutely nothing cuter than baby bunnies growing up in your house! Okay, when they're first born they look pretty weird, but they sure grow fast.

CNY Crafts

It's the Year of the Pig! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? It's such a beautiful holiday and though we're not Chinese, my family and I still like to read about it and admire the holiday from afar. We used to make our own crafts like these, but the more we talk about appreciating and not appropriating cultures that aren't ours, the more we feel like we should just purchase art from authentic artists and appreciate rather than try to replicate anything.


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