Dorm Room Crafts

College is right around the corner for thousands of people, but being organized and stylish isn't difficult when you know how to DIY. Here are some easy tips to use in your dorm room.

Skip buying expensive organizers for socks and undergarments. Instead, get some canned drinks for your fridge and cut them to use them for storage and put them inside your dresser. They work nicely on wide shelves and you can decorate them with decorative paper if you prefer. 

Fandom Furniture

If you're crafty at repurposing old furniture and making it look totally different, you might appreciate the new wave of fandom furniture sweeping across the land. (That even sounds like a fandom line--maybe from The Neverending Story!) People are changing everything from their sofas and beds to their pet accessories to mirror their favorite fandoms and it's a fine line between obsession and fun and I love it.

Origami Hearts

Sure, origami hearts are great for Valentine's Day, but what better month to make and share hearts than Pride Month? Anytime is a great time to make hearts to share with the people you care about (or even people who could use something uplifting), so this tutorial is a great place to start to make an easy origami heart. I've found a great place to leave things like this is at the unemployment office, but feel free to make and share them with whomever you like!

Rainbow Crafts

Whether you're teaching kids about Pride, celebrating with your LGBTQ loved one or honoring your own identity, it's a great time of the year to make some fun Pride crafts to display now or all year long. We've been making flags, friendship bracelets and even a Pride wand this month, so I was thrilled to see this list of more craft ideas. 

DIY Everything

Okay, if your dog needs surgery and you have no background in animal medicine, you probably shouldn't perform surgery on your dog. But most things in life can be learned, especially now that we have Youtube, access to hundreds of online courses and a means to chat with any expert at any hour of the day. DIY culture is taking the United States by storm and I think it's great... because it's not new.

Design Your Own Planner Stickers

One of the latest crazes is to keep not a scrapbook but a decorated planner. Having kept one of these since junior high, I am happy to be in the middle of the craze! I find lots of great stickers for less than a buck on Etsy, but for that price and free (no) shipping, you do have to download and print them yourself. I like to use the full page stickers they use for shipping, then cut out my stickers with scissors. Some people use paper cutters but mine has never worked properly (it was free and used) so I'm happy to use scissors.

JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michaels…

While there’s no official war being waged between craft stores, people definitely have their favorite hobby shops where they prefer to shop. While Hobby Lobby often has some of the best deals and cheaper prices—not to mention a wider variety of stock—it also has some deeply conservative ties that turn many customers off. JoAnn’s seems pricier, but often runs sales and coupons that help even the playing field.

Halloween ghost crafts

Step up your game!
When I was a kid, I would decorate our house for Halloween by making Kleenex ghosts. I would stuff cotton balls inside Kleenex, tie it off like a head, and draw three dots on it to make a face. Not the classiest craft, to be sure, but it was free - and free is a big consideration when you are six.
Luckily there are a lot of other great ways to decorate your house with hand-crafted ghosts, for crafters of all ages!


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