Unconventional Alphabet Learning

As homeschoolers, we get to do things our way all of the time. Rather than write our letters on pre-lined paper designed for kindergarteners, we usually make letters in many other, tactile ways. We write them, for sure, usually on our chalkboard or our dry erase board, but we also like to write them with our hands in substances like pudding or homemade goo. Alphabet learning doesn’t have to include flashcards or workbooks; instead, it can be as simple or as intricate as your imagination will allow. Here are some great ways of learning the ABCs.

Fairy Gardening Gives Birth to Kits and Fairy Flowers

Denver Fairy Themed Company is Flying High

The Colorado company, Fairy Gardens Denver will showcase a new line of products at the upcoming Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market from January 14th to the 18th. This miniature garden company will debut a few new products that are almost sure to inspire the gardening masses, such as Fairy Garden kits and a new Fairy Flowers line.

I just love miniature gardens - you can create so much with limited space and its a great way to learn how to garden something that is much bigger and of course to help the kids get a green thumb a little earlier.

Looking for more info? Contact Fairy Gardens Denver at the information below:

1645 West 85th Avenue
Denver, CO 80260
(303) 257-6337

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