My Neighbor Totoro Art Contest

Art lovers who also happen to be Miyazaki lovers may want to get in on this contest! For Fans By Fans and Her Universe want you to create their next t-shirt design based on the film My Neighbor Totoro, one of the most popular Ghibli movies of all time. Today is the deadline to enter but you still have time if you want to get in on this opportunity! You could win a free film screening or even $2,000 for your design.

Cozy Finger-Knit Scarves for Fall

Will you look like the Fourth Doctor if you put a scarf on? Not necessarily, but you will be cozier, warmer and even more stylish! Creating your own scarves is a great way to do all of those things in a relaxing way. Finger-knitting is a super simple way to create wearable crafts in just 30 minutes and you can even do it while you watch TV. All you need is some yarn! Here's a quick tutorial about how to fingerknit.

50 Most Popular Pins

Good Housekeeping shared their 50 most popular Pins on Pinterest recently and there are so many fun ideas! They assure readers that the Pins are all easy to do and will add some spectacular aesthetic appeal to your home. Although many of us already use the heck out of Pinterest (I have something in the oven courtesy of a Pin at the moment), I thought this piece would not only give you some new ideas, but also serve as a starting point for anyone just now joining Pinterest!

Getting crafty with acorns

It’s that time of year!

Around noon every day, my daughter and I go outside and enjoy the weather for a couple of hours. This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling—we learn at her pace, and we never have to miss a gorgeous day. Today she took a bowl to our oak tree and collected a heaping bowl of acorns for her “potions lab” we built for her outside.

Acorns are such a fun fall find! Not only do they nourish our squirrel friends and provide seedlings for mighty trees—they also provide fun craft ideas. Here are a few things we have done with acorns that are so much fun!

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