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Wrapped Candy Poppers for Your Christmas Table

Surprise your guests on Christmas by creating your own homemade wrapped candy poppers. These party favorites can be set in the center of each dinner plate to add a decorative touch to your dining room table. You can even recruit your children to help make them.

You will need the following supplies to create your wrapped candy poppers:

  • Toilet paper
  • roles
  • Candy
  • that is wrapped
  • individually
  • Christmas
  • wrapping
  • paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Chrismas
  • name tags

Follow these steps to create your wrapped candy poppers:

Step 1:
Place the individually wrapped candies inside the toilet paper roll. These can include peppermint candies, pieces of caramel, or mini chocolate kisses. If you have children attending your Christmas dinner, you can also place small trinkets inside the toilet paper roll.

Step 2:
Set the toilet paper roll on top of a sheet of Christmas wrapping paper. Make sure the paper extends 2 inches on either side of the toilet paper roll.

Step 3:
Wrap the toilet paper roll, and tape in place at the top center of the tube. Twist the sides of the wrapping paper and secure with a piece of decorative ribbon.

Step 4:
Curl the edges of the ribbon by running them across the blade of your scissors (be careful while doing this).

Step 5:
Write the name of your guest on a Christmas name tag. Tape the name tag to the wrapped candy popper. Place it in the center of the wrapped tube.

Step 6:
Set one popper on each dinner plate.

Add some glitter to the inside of the toilet paper roll to dazzle the guests when they open it.