Cool Things to Do with Rocks

Cool Things to Do with Rocks

If you’re looking for an easy, free craft to do with children this summer, look no further than the rocks in your own environment. Whether you have ornamental rocks, gravel, or river rocks from your last vacation, they will come in handy all summer for easy outdoor fun. Here are some cool things to do with rocks this summer.

Paint. Painting rocks is the quickest way to get a new pet! You can paint all kinds of things on rocks—affirmation words, faces, animals, patterns, anything. Paint the names of the herbs in your garden and use the rocks as markers. Paint the names of your family and put the rocks around your plants in circles of love.

Make photo holders. Straighten a paperclip, wrap a third of it around a flat rock as the base, and curve the opposite tip to hold a photo.

Glue rocks. Glue cool patterns with pebbles—such as mosaic art—on anything from pots and planters to photo frames to journal covers.

Paint with water. Use paintbrushes and paint with water, then watch it evaporate. Talk to your kiddos about how water evaporates. Create a whole new picture.

Wrap up rocks. Use yarn and wrap up rocks for some really unique paperweights (which you’ll definitely need if you do a lot of paperwork outside this summer). Use the brightest yarn you’ve got.

Spell out messages. Use any rocks you’ve painted and spell out messages between yourself and your family members all summer long. Make it a game to create a new message—even if it’s just one word—every week, where every family member gets a turn.

Skip stones on water. Nothing like the classics!

Identify rocks. Grab a book from the library and see which kinds of rocks you have in your area.

Melt crayons on them. Take your old, broken crayons and set them aside. Heat some rocks over a fire (watch out—they will be hot!) then color over them with the crayons.

Make a buddy. If you’d like to do more than paint a pet, glue on some google eyes, add pipe cleaner antennas, or make yarn feet and make a buddy to stick on your desk or give to a friend.

Make buildings. Stack up rocks to make villages, towns, carports, castles, or any other structure. Circle them all over your yard and make little fairy rings. Play games, like mancala or tic tac toe or checkers, with the smallest rocks.