Opt for Fair Trade Beads When You Can

Opt for Fair Trade Beads When You Can

"you should always choose fair trade beads when you have the choice."

In the world of beading, there are so many choices for buying supplies that it can be overwhelming.  It is easiest to find one large supplier and buy all your beads there, but sometimes those beads can come at a cost that is far more than the savings their lower prices might bring.  Child labor, sweatshop practices and inhumane working conditions are all very real aspects of commercial bead production.  For that reason, you should always choose fair trade beads when you have the choice.

What are Fair Trade Beads?
Fair trade beads come from suppliers who provide good working conditions and living wages to their workers.  Sometimes these suppliers are registered with fair trade associations, but suppliers do not need to be registered to offer fair trade beads.  The most important thing is that suppliers are looking out for the welfare of their workers.

Where Do I Find Fair Trade Beads?
Many wholesale suppliers will offer fair trade beads.  Google “fair trade beads” for a long list.  Suppliers such as Happy Mango Beads visit their bead suppliers to see that working conditions are suitable and choose not to deal with suppliers who do not offer good working conditions.

Gemstones are the most important beads to source fair trade.  Mining, refining and cutting these stones is labor intensive and this is often where working conditions can be at their worst.  Choose your suppliers carefully to help support workers in other countries who are getting these stones to you in order to support their own families.