Create your own summer badges

Create your own summer badges has an excellent Badges of Fun program. Parents can print out badges for their family to earn as the summer unfolds. These badges can then be displayed on a poster, which can also be printed out. This program is totally free and while I love the goals that FamilyFun has designed for parents and kids to reach, I had a few goals of my own for my children. This led me to create our own summer badges. It is so easy; you can do it too.First, create a list of things you want your kids (or your family) to accomplish during the summer months. The items on the list can be educational, family related or simply fun. I like to come up with a combination. We make it a point to go miniature golfing at least once each summer, so I put that on the list. I also have a goal for my girls to read one chapter book each month of the summer. Some other goals may include organizing a family BBQ, collecting 10 different types of leaves, visiting the area lighthouses and creating an original work of art.

Second, you will need to create a badge for each item on the list. You may want to cut some circles out of construction paper and have your child do the decorating. Just remind the kids the artwork on the badges must clearly show what the badge is for. So if you are working on a miniature golf badge, then you would want a picture of some golf clubs and golf balls or perhaps one of the putting greens.

Finally, hang a large sheet of poster board somewhere in your house that the children can easily access. Allow the kids to paste or tape the badges on the poster board as they are earned throughout the summer.