Pumpkin paper plate craft for kids

Pumpkin paper plate craft for kids

Perfect for a rainy fall day.

I love fall. My kids love the pumpkins and the colored leaves best. I try to always have one craft on hand for my kids to complete on a cold rainy fall day when there just isn't anything else to do. Of course, it is also a great excuse to make a pot of hot cocoa complete with marshmallows. While we sip on our cocoa, we make a craft. This week's craft is a paper plate pumpkin.

To make your own paper plate pumpkin you'll need the following items:

  • Newspaper
  • Paper plate
  • Orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Glue
  • Leaves
  • Stick

Follow these instructions to make the paper plate pumpkin:

Step 1:
Lay several sheets of newspaper over your table top to protect it from the paint.

Step 2:
Paint the paper plate orange. I have my kids paint both sides, but you can just do one side if you want to.

Step 3:
While your waiting for the paint to dry, have your kids cut out two eyes and a mouth for their pumpkin. You can do two simple yellow triangles for the eyes and a jagged mouth, or any other shape that your children like. Glue the eyes and mouth in place.

Step 4:
Send your children outside to find two leaves and a small stick. Glue these at the top of the pumpkin to form a stem with a leaf on either side of it.

Step 5:
Display the paper plate pumpkin once the glue has dried completely.

Put a magnet strip on the back of the paper plate to hang it on your refrigerator.