Fall wreath craft

Fall wreath craft

A fun nature craft for kids

Celebrate this upcoming fall season by using nature to create a craft. This is an excellent project for adults to do with their children. My girls love to work on seasonal projects and proudly display them around the house. Gets them off of their electronic devices so that they can focus on nature, which I feel is important in  this age of technology.

Start by taking a nature walk. Bring a bucket so you have somewhere to put the items you collect. You want to look for leaves of different shapes an colors, acorns, and even little holly berries.

Next, cut the center out of a paper plate. This gives you the base of a wreath. You can always purchase the base for a wreath at a craft store that is larger than a paper plate, but my kids don't seem to care about size so I stick with the paper plate.
Give each of your kids a tube of school glue and have them glue the leaves on top of the paper plate wreath. Let them know that the leaves should overlap a bit so that you don't see any of the white paper in the background. Once you have all the leaves in place, set the plates aside so that the glue can dry.

After the leaves dry, give your kids time to further decorate the wreath with acorns, berries, or anything else you found while on your nature walk. Again, you'll need to set the wreath aside to dry. Hang the wreath on your front door, below our mailbox, or on the door to your bedroom.