Adorable Reindeer Crafts

Share yours!

Today my teen made this adorable reindeer puppet but took it to the next level by using some brown cardstock with gold foil on it (it was all we had) for a "bling reindeer." It really is quite fabulous! It got me thinking about all of the reindeer we've made over the years, from handprint reindeer to reindeer made from craft sticks and foam, and I realized that reindeer are my second-favorite symbol of the season (the first is snowmen!). 

That got me thinking about doing a reindeer craft marathon this weekend. We had some plans moved around and we could make a few. Pinterest has a HOLY COW number of projects, and this list would be a good place to start (check out the headband where you make yourself a reindeer--my toddler niece would love that!).

What kinds of reindeer crafts have you seen or made? Share your links in the chat.

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