Bullet Journal Must-Haves

Do you have any of these?

Love to use your bullet journal? Me, too! I ran across this video today featuring a bunch of cool accessories you can use for bullet journaling, and with the exception of one (washi tape!), I don't use any of them. A couple of them look pretty nifty (that adhesive strip tool? Amazing!) but I have used a few others before (like the paper cutter) and not been very impressed. I trust my own scissor skills more than a paper cutter, to be perfectly honest.

My first bullet journal was simply a graphing book I picked up for less than a buck. I used Dollar Tree markers to decorate it, tossed some stickers in it now and then and it worked as a great planner. I've seen some really beautiful ones (and sometimes I do things like that, too) but they don't HAVE to be lovely to get the job done. I like to tell newcomers that because they often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating the BuJo, but if you look up the original idea it was pretty simple without any frills. Personalization is the idea, and if that means plain Jane for you, that's fine.

Do you use any special tools for your BuJo? Share them in the chat.

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