Calendar Embroidery Kits

Embroider Every Month of the Year

If you love to embroider or know someone who does, these cute calendar kits are the perfect holiday gift! They're only $20 (on sale now) and come in themes like astronomy, animals and foods. Every month, you get a new pattern to embroider, not only giving you the relaxing practice but also a fun decoration once you're finished! My daughter has asked for some interesting colors of thread for the holidays this year and I'm thinking about throwing this in as well for her to practice some pretty stitching.

If you don't like the calendar idea, the website has other fun embroidery guides you can order, too, including one for every letter of the alphabet onto cute little sachets that you can then use for herbs, tiny gifts or anything you can fit in that little pocket.

Do you like embroidering? What do you think is the best gift for someone who does?

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