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Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

It's the Year of the Pig! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? It's such a beautiful holiday and though we're not Chinese, my family and I still like to read about it and admire the holiday from afar. We used to make our own crafts like these, but the more we talk about appreciating and not appropriating cultures that aren't ours, the more we feel like we should just purchase art from authentic artists and appreciate rather than try to replicate anything. It's just where we are right now and obviously we're all still learning. 

For those who do celebrate, what crafts have you made or will you make? Do you make dragons or partake in any dragon dances, or make any other homemade decorations to celebrate the New Year? Do you have any pig decorations in particular that you will be using this year? Share your traditions and crafts in the chat!

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