Coffee Stain Monsters

What will you make?

If you've ever used any of Keri Smith's wonderful books like Wreck This Journal or Finish This Book, you've probably played with the drippings of coffee and other foods to create art. You just dribble a bit on the page and either collect it or make art out of it and it's so much fun.

Artist Stephan Kuhnigk takes it one step further and creates monsters from coffee stains, transforming the dribbles and dots into little beasties that are so adorable that they HAD to come from coffee. Each little creature is so different and unique, yet still made from what would otherwise be considered just a stain.

Have you made art or crafts out of coffee or tea stains or any other "food droppings"? In GISHWHES I've made portraits out of condiments, salt and pepper (I think that was Mr. Spock) and even discarded pet hair! Gross. What have you made?

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