Crafting Knives: Discuss

What do you use them for? Pros, cons?

Amazon has a great set of crafting knives for sale right now, and while I'm tempted, I don't know if I REALLY need them or not. It says they're good for leather, wood and all kinds of crafts, so I think they'd be used at my home between my leather/clay/cosplay working kid, my woodworking gearhead husband and myself. I dabble in all kinds of projects, when I have the chance, and I could see these being very useful...

On the other hand, I have a perfectly good xacto knife (okay, it has seen better days) and I'm the kind of person who will DIY everything before asking for something specifically tailored for that purpose. I like that about life, and learning how to do new things, but I also think this set would make a lot of things easier. Hmm.

Do you use craft knives at all? If so, what for? What do you think they're best used for and would you get them again?

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