Crafts You Can Eat

What have you made recently?

What's better than crafting than crafting with edible material? Making edible crafts is such a fun pasttime, and if you don't believe me, just ask Christine McConnell of Netflix fame. Making something beautiful only to eat it later not only ensures fun crafting time and a fun snack to eat, but also no clutter later. Many crafters have way too many projects sitting around gathering dust!

One of my favorite edible crafts to make is edible playdough, which can be used to design just about any kind of edible sculpture. I've used it to make edible maps in classrooms that were later eaten! It's so versatile and you can always flavor it with any kind of syrup that you like (regular or sugar-free!). Speaking of McConnell, you can try some of her fun edible crafts, like poison apples that double as food and decoration, here.

What kinds of edible crafts do you like to make? Share your favorite recipes and ideas in the chat.

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