Cute Mandarin Bunnies

Because oranges can be spring-ified, too

Whether you celebrate Easter or you're just enjoying the themes of spring, you might be putting bunnies all over the place. We have little bunnies we made on our windows right now, and speaking as a person who's raised rabbits, there is absolutely nothing cuter than baby bunnies growing up in your house! Okay, when they're first born they look pretty weird, but they sure grow fast.

So if you want to put little bunny ears on everything, how about mandarin oranges? This is such a cute idea for your kids, or even your partner if you send them with a packed lunch every day! Stick on some ears this week and watch them laugh in surprise. While you're at it, why not make a set of bunny ears to wear yourself or as a family while you eat dinner this week? It will be hilarious and you'll make some great memories.

What kinds of rabbit crafts are you doing this week? Share them in the chat!

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