Die Hard Ornaments

And other holiday oddities!

If there's one ornament on my to-make list this year, it's the Die Hard one of John McClane climbing through the air ducts. Ok, I have several ornaments that I want, but this tops my list! Every year we say we'll make one and every year I forget. You're my witness, crafters: I'm writing it down right now!

I also want to make a demogorgon ornament this year out of a funko pop toy. I think a simple ribbon added to the back will work nicely! You may remember the demogorgon in a jar I made for my teenager for Christmas a few years ago and the thing is still around. We are very much still a Stranger Things house, too. I've seen so many great ornaments this year, from zombie gingerbread men to Krampus that I find myself wanting to make ALL THE THINGS!

Which offbeat ornaments are you making this year? I'd love to hear about them.

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