DIY Christmas Crackers

Buy or make your own?

Every year, I say I'm going to make some fun Christmas crackers to celebrate the season in an English sort of way, and every year I forget or run out of time and we never do it. This year, I don't know if I'm going to buy or make my own, but I'm going to try to do one of the two! The benefits of buying them are that you get professionally-made crackers and you don't have to plan ahead to make them or gather supplies, of course, but if you make your own, you get to customize them on a personal level, which is more important to me. 

You can fill your crackers with sweets and small toys, but it's much more fun to add in personal anecdotes, stories, memories from the year and family jokes. You could add in tiny candy machine toys, erasers and other items that you think would be a better hit than the generic ones you'll get from a store, too.

Here's a quick DIY tutorial on how to make your own Christmas crackers. There are lots of other ways you can make them, of course, with different designs. Will you be making Christmas crackers this year? If so, how are you making them? Post your links in the chat.

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