Dorm Room Crafts

Use your DIY skills to stay organized and create a fun atmosphere

College is right around the corner for thousands of people, but being organized and stylish isn't difficult when you know how to DIY. Here are some easy tips to use in your dorm room.

Skip buying expensive organizers for socks and undergarments. Instead, get some canned drinks for your fridge and cut them to use them for storage and put them inside your dresser. They work nicely on wide shelves and you can decorate them with decorative paper if you prefer. 

Make paper holders out of cereal boxes. Cut them diagonally across and decorate them any way you like, then stack them side-by-side on your desk to save space and store your paper.

Get tiny lights cheaply at the Dollar Store to decorate with.

From floating bedside tables to washi tape frames, check out these ideas!

What ideas do you have? Share them in the chat!

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